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"Gay Marriage": What’s It to You?

Why should you care if a crazed judge or a cowardly legislature grants homosexuals the right to marry?

Lee Duigon
  • Lee Duigon,
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Why should you care if a crazed judge or a cowardly legislature grants homosexuals the right to marry?

It's difficult even to ask such a question without abusing the English language. But you might answer by saying that your marriage is a real one, contracted in the sight of God. Nothing can undo that. And you'll raise your children to be Christians. You don't have to take part in anything you perceive to be ungodly.

You couldn't be more wrong.

You should care and you should oppose same-sex “marriage” with every fiber of your being. Pressure your elected officials, speak out to others, and pray for the future of your country.

Here's why.

The Biblical Argument

Whatever you might think of homosexual unions, one thing is certain: God doesn't like it.

Never mind the spin-jobs you're hearing from the liberal clergy: they'd marry you to your washing machine if they thought it would get them on the evening news. The Bible is perfectly clear in its absolute condemnation of homosexual practices, let alone the performance of a parody of what many denominations consider a holy sacrament.

Too many professed Christians don't know their Bible. They might be shocked if they read Leviticus 20 or Romans, what could be more politically incorrect than these chapters? Then there's that bit about God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. (Hint: Why do you think they call it “sodomy”?) There isn't space here to list all of the Biblical passages which condemn homosexual activity. Just to add one more, see 2 Kings 23:7.

As part of his religious cleansing of Jerusalem, King Josiah had to “break down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the Lord” (2 Kin. 23:7). Why did he do that? He was trying to appease God's wrath. A succession of prophets had warned that God would destroy Jerusalem unless the people left off their abominations including sodomy.

Those warnings apply to us, here and now. Josiah's tragedy was that he acted too late. After his death, the people picked up where they left off, and God destroyed the kingdom of Judah, as promised.

If America establishes “gay marriage,” our own nation will be in a state of open rebellion against the expressed wishes of Almighty God.

It hardly seems a wise course to chart in time of war.

The Political Argument

A house divided cannot stand.

The pro-gay, secularist forces in the government will not tolerate the existence of two competing, conflicting systems of morality and belief, theirs and ours.

If you don't believe that, you need to catch up on current events. Read David Limbaugh's new book, Persecution. Find out why Roy Moore isn't Chief Justice of Alabama anymore. Try to offer up a prayer at a high school graduation, or get a known Christian appointed to a federal judgeship. Bring your Bible to work and see what happens. Ask the Boy Scouts how they are doing.

There are literally thousands of examples of anti-Christian activism by government officials, left-wing pressure groups, judges, and even schools and businesses. The bad guys have made it abundantly clear that they won't rest until they have eradicated every trace of Christianity from public life and then they'll go to work on Americans' private lives.

“Gay marriage” is a nuclear weapon in the anti-Christian arsenal. After all, the gay rights agenda can never be fully realized as long as millions of Christians believe it is immoral and teach their children so. There is no way for it to attain “full equality” unless its proponents can forcibly change the people's hearts and minds.

How will they do that?

First, they'll see to it that you lose your right to homeschool your child as a Christian (see “ A Quiet Threat to Homeschooling” on Chalcedon's website at They'll have to, or they'll never feel secure.

Also, “hate speech” laws will have to be given sharper teeth. Liberal Democrats in Congress already have plans for this, hoping to proceed as soon as they get back in power. They admire the ferocious new hate speech laws in Canada and Britain and can hardly wait to go them one better. And guess who's going to be right in the crosshairs of those new laws? Hint: You are.

Anti-Christian censorship, however, needn't wait for formal legislative action. The United Way has already pulled its funding from many Boy Scout troops, punishing the Scouts for not turning boys over to homosexual scoutmasters.

Sanctions against Christians, to force them to assent to homosexual unions, will also be applied vigorously by colleges and public schools, individual judges, the media, and corporations wishing to be politically correct.

Meanwhile, children in the public schools, including yours, once they stop you from homeschooling, will be even more energetically indoctrinated in the secular, pro-gay, anti-Christian message. You'll find it extremely hard to raise them as Christians. Why should they grow up to believe in true Christian marriage, and choose it for themselves, when the culture, the courts, and the schools all tell them that their parents' beliefs are wrong, outdated, and hateful?

The End Product

One way or another, to continue on this course will ruin our republic.

Sociological chaos will spill over into our economy and our politics. Children raised without real fathers (or mothers, depending on which same-sex arrangement is imposed on them) will be less productive, while requiring more government support. That's less money coming in, more going out. As for politics, these will be the highlights of our new political landscape, heightened polarization and partisanship, wilder and crazier demagoguery, at the expense of angry, maleducated voters, leading to increasingly foolish, provocative, and rash governmental actions.

But we may not get even that far. God may withdraw His protection from our country, or even punish us severely.

Does this sound like a future you want for yourselves, your children, and your country?

If you don't block gay marriage, this is the future you'll get.

Lee Duigon
  • Lee Duigon

Lee is the author of the Bell Mountain Series of novels and a contributing editor for our Faith for All of Life magazine. Lee provides commentary on cultural trends and relevant issues to Christians, along with providing cogent book and media reviews.

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