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Now It’s the Gym Teachers: Public Schools Continue to Push Gay Message

Want some more evidence that the public schools are actually trying to promote homosexual behavior among your children?

Lee Duigon
  • Lee Duigon,
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Want some more evidence that the public schools are actually trying to promote homosexual behavior among your children?

You should have gone to the New Jersey state convention of physical education teachers (NJAHPERD Annual Convention, Feb. 9-10).

Gym teachers have come a long way down. The Convention did feature plenty of workshops on building team spirit, yo-yo contests, etc. But it also offered workshops on “oral sex,” teaching respect for assorted “gender orientations,” “overcoming homophobia and heterosexism,” and how to teach sex without getting sued by angry parents.

Best of all, the Convention debuted a slick, glossy, 36-page horror, “The New Jersey Educators' Resource for Serving Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth.” The new category, “questioning,” ought to cast a net wide enough to take in most teenagers. Paid for by Fleet Bank, the Princeton Financial Group, and the usual gang of gay activists and way-out left organizations ( including the ACLJ, American Psychological Association, the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, and many others) the directory, in its own words, is intended for distribution to every public school in New Jersey. For more details, see the Personal Liberty Fund website, You can download similar materials from the Safe Schools Coalition of Washington State website, (By safe , they mean schools wherein homosexual flaunting is allowed.)

The guide describes 86 different “resources” for sexually troubled youth and their counselors, all of them loudly pounding the gay agenda drum. They range from legal services to anonymous, confidential HIV testing (don't let the parents find out until the kid's about to die with full-blown AIDS), from “fun, queer websites” to “gay-affirming” psychologists (“You bet it's the way you ought to be, young man”).

Nowhere is there the slightest suggestion that the only way for children to be 100% safe from sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies is for them to abstain from all sexual behavior until they are married. New Jersey law states that sex educators must stress that abstinence is the only sure way to be safe, but you won't find many, if any, sex educators who let that bother them.

I can hardly wait for the social studies teacher's convention.

Who, Me?

The Convention's media guide has a lengthy disclaimer: “The ideas presented during the Convention do not necessarily reflect NJAHPERD's official position on the issues.” The organization “assumes no responsibility for any statement as fact or opinion presented at the Convention, nor does acceptance of advertising or exhibits imply endorsement of any projects or services.” In other words, if you object, don't come crying to NJAHPERD: “[P]lease inform the specific exhibitor and/or presenters with whom you disagree.” Sounds like they expected trouble from the get-go.

That having been said, NJAHPERD hastens to add that it prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. So you see, they had to include all that gay activist stuff. It would've been “discrimination” not to.

The first thing people saw when they approached the registration table was a 12' X 12' section of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. The location of the artifact evidenced the Convention's priorities.

Far be it from us to be callous toward anyone who has died of AIDS. But it also seems callous to co-opt a human tragedy to serve a political purpose. Disclaimers aside, the AIDS Quilt is a political statement.

But of course the whole business is more than that. It is also a religious statement. New Jersey's physical education teachers (and this may well apply to teachers in your own state) have placed themselves in a state of foursquare opposition to Scriptural teaching. It is not possible to say, “Gay rights is right” without saying, “The Bible is wrong.”

So okay, we're asked to believe that NJAHPERD doesn't necessarily believe in any of these workshops, resource guides, and exhibits that they took the trouble to present. What's a little oral sex workshop among friends? It would be like Chalcedon hosting a workshop on how to worship idols and then plastering it all over with disclaimers. Think we'd get away with it?

What Can We Do?

The problem is with two key groups of people:

Parents who don't know what's going on in the public schools and continue to send their children there.

Private corporations who, for some sinister reason, choose to invest their money in the gay militants' campaign to alienate the American people from God and undermine the foundations of American civilization.

Would parents still send their children to public schools if they knew that these schools, on purpose, spread the gay militants' message and try to win the children over to it? If they knew, would they not either demand that it stop or else pull their children out of such a toxic spiritual environment?

A few might not, but most would. If they only knew.

As for the corporate sponsors of this madness, one might naturally suppose they've made a mistake; they weren't careful when they wrote out the checks.

Fleet Bank, however, funds organized sodomy with its eyes wide open, and proudly.

“We have an extremely strong corporate commitment to diversity of all kinds,” said Steve Lubetkin, media relations representative at Fleet's corporate headquarters in Boston. “We support the gay and lesbian community.”

Even to the extent of funding “gay pride” parades, he said.

The Fleet Corporation, he explained, has “a statement of core beliefs” called “Fleet's Commitment,” in which the “commitment to diversity” is second on the list.

Before anyone comes to work for Fleet, Lubetkin said, “We do give them all the information about our commitment to diversity. We want all employees to be fully aware of it.

“Of course, no one's going to force an employee to say, ‘I support the gay lifestyle.' But certainly an employee has to ask himself if he's comfortable here, given what we believe.”

What about Christians who believe in the Scriptural teaching that homosexual activity is an abomination to God? Can they work for Fleet Bank?

“We don't ask about an employee's religious beliefs,” Lubetkin said. “Anyway, you can differ from the company, as long as you don't act in a hostile or prejudicial way to any member of the community.”

Maybe Fleet ought to make this commitment to the gay and lesbian community clear to depositors before they open an account or sign up for a credit card. Christians might not appreciate their bank using their money to pay for “gay pride” parades. They might want to think about using a different bank.

In light of all the furor over the Super Bowl halftime show (200,000 complaints to the FCC at last count, with congressional hearings scheduled), it would seem that Americans would rather their country not turn into Sodom and Gomorrah. But what else can they expect, with moral lawlessness promulgated in the schools, with the blessing of major corporations? Americans seem upset by the looming prospect of “gay marriage.” But what else can they expect, given the anti-Biblical stance of our judges, our political leaders, our mass media, and worst of all, our schools?

America, you're getting what you pay for and it's poisoning you to death.

Better spit it out.

Lee Duigon
  • Lee Duigon

Lee is the author of the Bell Mountain Series of novels and a contributing editor for our Faith for All of Life magazine. Lee provides commentary on cultural trends and relevant issues to Christians, along with providing cogent book and media reviews.

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