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The Chalcedon Signature: "Conquering Culture for Christ" (Part 2)

Frequent appeals for justice have punctuated both political commentary and man-on-the-street interviews since November 7, 2000.

  • C. L. "Smoky" Stover,
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SIGNATURE [Fr. From L. signo, to sign]: A distinctive identifying feature of the work of a particular entity.

CHALCEDON [kal see don, established 1964]: A Christian ministry working for godly cultural change across the entire spectrum of life.

Conquering Culture for Christ, that is our "The Chalcedon Signature," a distinctive identifying feature of Chalcedon's ministry. Scripture's mandate and Chalcedon's stated purpose require the perpetuation of that signature in the way of a continual conquering of culture for Christ.

Where There Is A Will, There Is A ________?


Frequent appeals for justice have punctuated both political commentary and man-on-the-street interviews since November 7, 2000.

What is the price of justice? How do Chalcedonians view justice? And the more necessary and basic question, "What is justice?" The second question is answered in the third.

Rushdoony writes: "Justice in all religions, is a religious fact. All law expresses somehow a religious faith, a faith in justice or righteousness. The religion behind the law may be Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Shintoism, humanist, or Christianity, but all laws, and their concepts of justice, are religious facts.

"This makes obvious how dangerous and absurd it is to dismiss the need for or the idea of a Christian civil government."1

He continues, "In brief, justice is inseparably related to justification."2

From the 66 books of the Christian Bible, we learn both that God declares no man to have been justified apart from God's gracious work of salvation in Christ Jesus and that true civil and social justice is known only in the application of God's law-word. Further, while no man can be neutral toward God and His Word, those who have been declared to be justified are those who will be doing justice in the nation.

It follows then that justice in the nation will advance as God's kingdom advances. That advance motivates the work of Chalcedon and is the warp and woof of Chalcedon's ministry.

What price justice? Because justice is not a commodity to be purchased there is no price. Or is there? No, justice cannot be purchased but there is a price, there is a cost. The work of the kingdom must be financed. Chalcedon must be financed.

We solicit your participation in this great work. Include Chalcedon as you and your family plan your financial future. There are a variety of financial instruments, one of which is just right for you, instruments that allow the maximum preservation of your assets.

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1. Rousas John Rushdoony, Christianity And The State (Vallecito, CA, 1986), Vallecito, California: Ross House Books, 1986.
2. ibid., 39.

  • C. L. "Smoky" Stover

Rev. C. L. "Smoky" Stover, long-time pastor of Reformed Heritage Church, Modesto, CA, served as a Trustee of the Chalcedon Foundation and the Foundation's Secretary-Treasurer. 

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