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The Push is On! Canadian, U.S. Public Schools Continue to Promote Homosexuality

Public educators and politicians in Canada and the United States are playing god and turning children into monsters.

Lee Duigon
  • Lee Duigon
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"[T]he gay rights movement is shifting norms in Canada. And with that comes a message to those who won't evolve: your outdated morals are no longer acceptable, and we will teach your kids the new norms." ~ Editorial, Oct. 20, 2011, in Vancouver Xtra, Canada's Gay & Lesbian News[1]

Dr. Pretorius (mad scientist): "To a new world of gods and monsters!" ~ Bride of Frankenstein (1935), horror movie

Public educators and politicians in Canada and the United States are playing god and turning children into monsters. At least they're trying to-and don't accuse us of exaggerating until you've read this article.

The editorial writer in the homosexual newspaper is addressing her remarks to the Christian parents of Canada. It is your morals that are "no longer acceptable," and your children who will be taught "new norms." In public schools throughout Canada, this work has already begun.

We shall also show that the same campaign is planned, by homosexual activists and their allies in the teachers' unions, for the children of Christians in the United States. Because the pace of these developments has accelerated so dramatically over the last year or two, we are unable to report on more than a few of the highlights (if that's the word for it).

Replacing Christianity

What are these educators and politicians actually trying to do? We asked Father Alphonse De Valk in Ontario, the editor of Catholic Insight, if he could explain it. He can.

"They are trying to replace a whole way of life," he said. "They are trying to replace Christianity."

A recent Lifesite News headline says it all: "Toronto schools will not ‘condone' exemptions from pro-homosexual classes: board chair."[2] In the article, Chris Bolton, chairman of the Toronto District School Board, told Lifesite that the board has "a policy of forbidding exemptions from the board's radical pro-homosexual curriculum, insisting ... that any attempts by parents ‘would not be condoned' in their schools." The curriculum "specifically states that parents cannot remove their children from the classes for religious reasons."[3]

How radical is the curriculum? It "begins introducing homosexual family structures"- Chalcedon does not recognize any such thing as a homosexual family-"as early as kindergarten, and recommends a discussion sometime between JK and grade 3 aimed at convincing students of the importance of participating in Toronto's annual Gay Pride Parade" [emphasis added]. We need hardly add that such parades are notorious for their displays of real and simulated sex acts which we have chosen not to describe here.

Children will be urged to read a book called Gloria Goes to Gay Pride. You can find a description of this noxious little item on[4] "We're promoting social activity that's quite large," Bolton told Lifesite. "I think we're promoting the concept of the social environment that happens around that community."

In an effort to get a translation of that statement, we contacted Bolton and requested an interview. At first he agreed, on the condition that he be allowed to call us collect. But after we provided him with a telephone number, we heard from him no more. Subsequent emails were not answered.

"All these programs are disguised as anti-bullying measures," Fr. De Valk said. "The premier of this province [Dalton McGinty] has decided that he was going to safeguard the homosexual lifestyle; so he has ordered all the schools to teach the equality of the homosexual lifestyle, and all the children in those schools are forced to listen."

Getting young children involved in the Gay Pride Parade, he added, "is only a little part of it. All schools have been ordered to have Gay-Straight Alliances [after-school clubs to promote homosexuality-ed.]-even the Catholic schools. And the bishops are silent. It's a very depressing situation. Not one bishop has spoken up."

Father De Valk himself spoke up, some years ago, in his Catholic Insight editorials. For presenting his church's teaching on homosexuality, De Valk was dragged through Canada's "human rights" system of kangaroo courts. The charge against him was finally dropped, for lack of evidence, in 2009-but not before the ordeal cost the small magazine $30,000 in legal fees.

Pornographic "Outreach"

"Why don't more people speak up?" asked Kari Simpson, host of Roadkill Radio on the Internet, and a Christian activist living in British Columbia. "Because look what happens to them when they do! Here in Burnaby, parents were threatened with hate crime charges just for questioning the homosexual-indoctrination programs in their schools. One father I know was badly intimidated when two policemen showed up at his door to ‘investigate' whether he committed a hate crime. The gay activists love to sic the police on anyone who opposes them."

Mrs. Simpson herself has been through the "human rights" ordeal. Defending herself, she won her case-one of the very few Christians ever to be acquitted by a Canadian human rights tribunal. "If you push back against them," she said, "you can win. But most people are afraid to try."

At issue in British Columbia is a homosexual activist project, Out in Schools, a publicly-funded enterprise "used to sexualize students and introduce them to homosexual culture," Mrs. Simpson said. Her new website, Culture Guard, provides links to explicitly sexual videos that are part of Out in Schools' "outreach" to middle and high school students.[5] A warning to readers: these are very explicit, baldly pornographic videos, presented by adults to minors, with the support of corporate sponsors and taxpayer dollars.

"Most people are still unaware of what's going on in their schools," Mrs. Simpson said. "Meanwhile, our whole culture here in Canada is imploding-or exploding. I can't tell which."

The Xtra editorial called Out in Schools "a well-respected anti-bullying program"-we cannot name a homosexual-indoctrination program that is not labeled "anti-bullying"-and mocked Kari Simpson for "clinging to an outdated moral code, flailing against a tide of change that's leaving you and your few remaining followers behind."

These people have plainly announced their intention to estrange children from Christianity and impose "new norms" of their own invention. They make no effort to hide what they intend to do. And they have backed it up with action.

"The Next Big Thing"

The Chalcedon website ( ) recently published an article which included news video of a "gender education" lesson in a California classroom.[6] We urge readers of this article to view that video.

Children in the United States are already the target of radical "sex education" programs. We don't have to wait for it to seep down from Canada.

"Gender liberation" will be the next big thing in public education, World Net Daily has reported[7]-first in California, and then spreading to other states. The California Teachers Association-it has 325,000 dues-paying members-enthusiastically supports abolishing "gender stereotypes" and doing away with the acknowledgement of all distinctions between male and female, WND reports. Schools will be expected to install "gender-neutral" lavatories so that "Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong." And so on.

What happens when this sort of "change" meets resistance?

In Tennessee recently, the State Senate enacted a law restricting sex education to "only the biology of human reproduction." Homosexual activists were furious, and staged loud protests at the State House.

They also produced a little video which we offer for viewing here,[8] entitled " The ‘Teachers Can't Talk About Homos' ..." The purpose of the video is to protest the legislation: these groups always want "sex education" to immerse students in the techniques and particulars of an aberrant lifestyle. To that end, the makers of the video recruited an assortment of children, some of them very young, to spout profanity-laden defiance of the legislature. By "profanity-laden" we mean that practically every other word spoken by these children is the "f-bomb."

The video is less than two minutes long, but I personally found it almost unwatchable.

Believe the Truth

Every weekday, millions of America's Christian families, and Canada's, send their children to be educated in the public schools-schools dominated and operated by persons who publicly boast of their hostility to the Christian faith and publicly proclaim their intention to destroy it.

We ask these parents, as we have asked so many times before, "Why don't you believe us?" We have not slandered these "educators," nor put words in their mouths. We have let them speak to you in their own words, and reported their actions as a matter of public record. We have provided written and video documentation of everything we say. And yet the Christian parents continue to send their children to the anti-Christian schools.

More than a few misguided churchmen defend this practice by saying the Christian children are in the anti-Christian schools to be "salt and light"-in much the same way, we suppose, as early Christians were in the arena to be salt and light to the lions. Which is more likely-that expert, ruthless, adult "educators" will eventually corrupt the children, or that a few Christian children in a classroom will prompt some gay activist teacher to repent and sin no more?

Anti-Christian indoctrination now begins in kindergarten, by the design of teachers' unions and "education theorists" in ivory towers. Is it at all reasonable to expect kindergarten children to resist their teachers? By sending them to such schools, the parents tacitly consent to the schools' authority, and the teachers'. Children cannot help thinking that the lessons that they learn have the approval of their parents. How could they think otherwise?

It's always the right time to pull your children out of public school and give them a Christian education, either at home or in a Christian school.

Yes, the public schools are "free," in that you don't write out a tuition check, but have the money sucked directly out of your taxes. But is your child's future as a Christian up for sale? Is there nothing parents won't tolerate in the name of a "free" public education?

Please, if you've already watched the last video cited in this article, watch it again.

This is what you're getting for your tax money


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[3] All quotes are from the Lifesite article.

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