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“Youth Pride Day” Celebrates Abomination

“Youth Pride Day” this year featured a new emphasis on gender confusion.

Lee Duigon
  • Lee Duigon,
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“Man-centered worship … also leads to a moral degeneracy which culminates in homosexuality.” —R. J. Rushdoony[1]

“Gay” activists recently attracted hundreds of public school children to Boston to march in support of “gay rights”—while just as many adult sodomites gathered to watch.

“Youth Pride Day” this year featured a new emphasis on gender confusion. For those with strong stomachs, MassResistance has made available photos and video of the event (see, “May 12 homosexual ‘Youth Pride Day’: vulnerable kids, disturbed adults, state-supported insanity”). We have also obtained an eyewitness account from MassResistance’s Amy Contrada. She and a few others were on hand to take the pictures.

The Scene

The whole scene “was crawling with men who looked really creepy—obviously not ‘youth,’” Ms. Contrada said. “They were probably predators: adults that looked really dangerous, just sitting on the sidelines, looking at the kids. We recognized several adult gay activists, and some notorious ‘cruisers.’”

A few of the activists recognized MassResistance members, too, resulting in at least one loud confrontation.

“One guy in crazy makeup, and platform shoes that made him at least seven feet tall, came up and screamed in my face,” Ms. Contrada said, “cursing at me and calling me a crazy b——. He followed me around until a police officer made him move on.

“Some of those people were so hideously frightening and evil-looking … The whole thing gives me nightmares. I have to read the Bible going to bed every night, or I won’t be able to sleep.”

Is she overreacting? Ms. Contrada has received several threatening, anonymous phone calls, and her home has been broken into at least once. “They know my name, my phone number, where I live, and the names of my children,” she said. “It’s really nasty.”

“We put our lives on the line, opposing these people,” said Brian Camenker, executive director of MassResistance. “They’re after us now, publishing our names, addresses, etc.”

Citing a speech made by a World War II Holocaust survivor, Camenker said, “How far can it go? You don’t know where it ends. It’s worse than you can possibly imagine.”

Sally Naumann, with the Parents Rights Coalition, also took some pictures. “I wanted to see it for myself,” she said, “but I wanted my friends to see it, too. That’s why I brought my camera. So many people have no idea what’s going on, and when you try to tell them, they don’t believe it.”

One of the Youth Pride organizers, she said, tried to stop her from taking pictures. “He said, ‘There are a lot of young people here, and we’re afraid of sexual predators.’ I asked him if he thought I looked like a sexual predator. Later, I wanted to get some pictures of the transvestite prom they had after the march, but they wouldn’t let us in.”

Originally Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick, was expected to attend the event. Thanks to enormous numbers of objecting phone calls and emails, Ms. Naumann said, the governor changed his plans and did not appear. But he did send an official of the State Department of Public Health to substitute for him and receive a commendation from the transsexual groups.

“So you not only had the state giving this event its blessing,” Ms. Naumann said, “but there were also a lot of major corporate sponsors helping to fund it.”

It’s not only MassResistance that takes a grim view of the situation in Massachusetts. Said Evelyn Reilly, of the Massachusetts Family Policy Institute, “Are we in deep trouble? Yes!”

The Schools

Neither Camenker nor Ms. Reilly conceded that homosexual activists have won undisputed control of Massachusetts’ public schools.

“They haven’t won because good people are still fighting it,” Camenker said.

“Their control of the schools is not absolute,” Ms. Reilly said. “Individual school districts in our state still have some control over what goes into their curriculum, so some communities are fine, and some are horrible.

“This is a certain segment of our young people, not all,” who march in “pride parades” and experiment with homosexuality, she said. “The homeschoolers are okay, of course, and some school districts have not yet been taken over by the gays.

“But it’s a long-term agenda for these people, and they work at it ceaselessly.”

MassResistance, Camenker said, is hampered by a chronic shortage of funds and a lack of support from other pro-family organizations.

“It’s terrible, the way these other groups raise money off our work,” he said. “All over the country, people raise money on stuff that we did. We do the work, and they get the money.”

MassResistance, he said, has had to compete for funds with large, nationally organized groups, some of whom—“our fellow conservatives!”—have tried to distance themselves from MassResistance. A few “conservatives” have gone further than that. Recently, the Salem Radio Group cancelled MassResistance’s radio program.

Meanwhile, the sodomites’ march through the school system continues unchecked. The MassResistance website displays a current advertisement by the Randolph school district for an elementary school principal and assistant principals. The ad ran in Bay Windows, the state’s leading homosexual newspaper. “If you live in Randolph,” asked the MassResistance news clip, “is this the kind of person you want running your school?” (, “Randolph, Mass. advertising in homosexual newspaper for elementary school principal”).

The Motivation

Writing in 1977, R. J. Rushdoony said, “The goal of ungodly sexuality is chaos. Homosexuality, bestiality, and every other violation of God’s law have as their purpose the destruction of order, God’s order. Their pleasure is pleasure in obstruction and hostility, in destruction and perversion. In the hands of the ungodly, sex is thus a tool for defacing God’s image in man and of attempting to remake man in Satan’s projected image. God-given sexuality must thus be destroyed.”[2]

“Their goal is to remove all restrictions on sex whatsoever,” Ms. Reilly said.

If you study the “Youth Pride” pictures on the MassResistance website, you will see an emphasis on turning boys into girls and girls into boys—sometimes merely by adopting the opposite sex’s dress and mannerisms, sometimes by the more extreme expedients of surgical mutilation and hormone treatments.

Why would anyone want to do this?

“Man seeks studiously to re-arrange creation in terms of his own creative mandate,” Rushdoony wrote,[3] referring to transvestite behavior; which, he said, demonstrates “a sterile and perverse hostility to God’s created order.”[4] He also saw “lawless sexuality as a means of dominating and exploiting others.”[5]

Psalm 100 teaches us that “it is he [God] that hath made us, and not we ourselves” (v. 3).

But what if we could remake ourselves, in some form other than the one chosen by God? We have yet to find a convincing way of changing ourselves into animals, but today’s “gender reassignment” technology has persuaded some disturbed individuals that being male or female is a matter of choice: not God’s choice, but their own.

We can see in this “transgender” movement nothing but a headlong revolt from God: the eternal temptation to usurp God’s place and “be as gods” (Gen. 3:5) ourselves. It is this satanically inspired spirit of rebellion, more than anything else, that motivates “Youth Pride Day” and similar saturnalia.

The Remedy

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord” (2 Cor. 6:17).

MassResistance believes in continuing the fight with gay activists for the public schools; but there are strong reasons not to.

1. God commands us to take the responsibility for teaching our own children and seeing to it that they receive a godly education. This obviously cannot be done in public schools committed to promoting sexual anarchy.

2. There is no reason to believe that “educators” who advertise in Bay Windows for an elementary school principal, who invite the militant sodomites of GLSEN to come to their schools to set up “gay-straight alliances,” and who read homosexual fairy tales like King and King to kindergarten children, are ever going to change their ways, no matter how much parents object.

Furthermore, they cannot be appeased. What state has appeased gay activists more than Massachusetts? But the more that is conceded to them, the more they demand. As rebels against God, they can never be happy or contented. It is not in our power to make them happy by continually appeasing them.

3. Children who attend these schools are exposed to homosexual propaganda every day.

4. Finally, people who foment rebellion against God will be punished by Him; and you don’t want to be standing with them when it happens.

“We’re hoping people will figure out something is wrong and do something about it,” Evelyn Reilly said.

What to do about it, however, is to separate ourselves from the ungodly. But how?

1. Christian schools and homeschooling are godly alternatives to public education. If millions of Christian children were to be removed from the public schools, and either homeschooled or placed in Christian schools, not only would their parents be doing what the Bible urges them to do, but by economically crippling the public schools, they would deprive the homosexual militants of their chief weapon in the culture war.

2. Join and support strong, Biblically faithful churches. Supported by payment of tithes and other contributions, such churches can greatly help parents complete an exodus from the government schools. Public education, after all, didn’t come into being until halfway through the 19th century. Up until then, civilization managed without it.

3. Absorb God’s Word, delight in it, meditate on it, live by it as far as humanly possible, and teach it to your children.

Strong individual faith, strong and faithful churches, and strong Christian families are the best answer to cultural perversion—especially the family.

“Sexual crimes are very serious in God’s sight,” Rushdoony wrote, “because the family is ordained by Him to be the central institution in man’s life, more important than state or church, and holding the basic powers that govern the future: children, property, inheritance, education, and charity, all now having been usurped by the state, because the state wants to govern both the present and the future.”[6]

An Exhortation

We honor the hard work of those in Massachusetts who are trying to hold back the tide of state-sanctioned sodomy. We honor their courage. And what is done in Massachusetts today may be done in any other state tomorrow.

But the only corrective to cultural meltdown, the only remedy that there has ever been, is millions and millions of strong Christian families. It is not by God’s advice that we pack off our children, five days a week, to state-owned, state-operated schools. Sending children to these schools is an impediment to building godly families.

In the worldly political arena, ordinary people will never match homosexual militants for fanatical pursuit of an agenda. Ordinary people will not cheat; they will not intimidate those who disagree with them; they will not browbeat politicians; they will not demand that banks and car manufacturers donate money to fund parades celebrating ordinary sexuality.

But what ordinary people can do, and homosexual bullies can’t, is raise up families in the fear and knowledge of the Lord. For this no “pride parades” are necessary.

Amid a godly people, the “gay” rebellion will simply die from want of nourishment.

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Lee Duigon
  • Lee Duigon

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