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How Do We Heal the Medical Profession? Ep. 114 (guest Elizabeth Lurvey)

In this episode of the Out of the Question Podcast, flight nurse Elizabeth Lurvey is interviewed and delves into the humanism so prevalent in the medical profession today and a offers a perspective as to how to be less affected by it and proactive in combatting it.

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz ,
  • Elizabeth Lurvey
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In this episode, flight nurse Elizabeth Lurvey delves into the humanism so prevalent in the medical profession today and how to be less affected by it while being proactive in combatting it.

  • Elizabeth Lurvey

Elizabeth Lurvey grew up in the Reformed Faith on a homestead in southwest Colorado while being homeschooled. Her parents encouraged her and her three sisters to study nursing, and all four of them became nurses. She holds a Bachelors of Science in nursing from Pensacola Christian College. Elizabeth has worked as a nurse in trauma and cardiac intensive care units. She also worked for three years as an emergencyand intensive care as a traveling nurse. Currently she works as a flight nurse for an air ambulance in northeast Nevada. She is also working part time with a local chiropractor starting an infusion clinic of high dose vitamin C, vitamins and minerals and other alternative treatment modalities.

She lives with her twin sister and her family and enjoys being an auntie to her three nieces and a nephew. She is a student of theology, and is active in applying the Law-Word of God to all areas of life, especially in medicine.

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