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Episode 14: "Roll Back Local Gov"

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Paul R. Dorr ,
  • Andrea G. Schwartz
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In this Law & Liberty podcast, Andrea Schwartz features Paul Dorr of Roll Back Local Gov, a long-time student of RJ Rushdoony's writings. He discusseshow the application of biblical law can be used to roll back wasteful spending and burdensome taxation.

  • Paul R. Dorr

Paul R. Dorr is a Christian, married to Debra for 36 years, father of their eleven children. Debra and he have B.S. degrees from Iowa State University. Paul has served as an elder in his church, is a former bank owner and former bank acquisition consultant, past director of an Operation Rescue pro-life group, has held babies born due to Rescue interventions, and has spent time in multiple different jails in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Georgia serving Christ.  Dorr won a major Iowa homeschool court case, and as owner of Copperhead Consulting Services has worked in nearly 70 political campaigns ranging from $3 million rural school buildings to a $1.2 billion school funding proposal, and has worked in three states for a Republican U.S. Presidential candidate.

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