Virtual Master Class Series

Andrea G. Schwartz, Lee Duigon, Rhett Bergeron, M.D., Judy Rogers, Joaquin Fernandez

November 01, 2016

Chalcedon’s Virtual Master Class Series is designed to inspire and instruct the next generation of Christians to learn from individuals who have distinguished themselves in applying the Faith to a specific area of life. It is meant to encourage, stimulate, and motivate young people to pursue areas of interest and ability and connect them with potential mentors and guides as they seek to serve Christ and His Kingdom.

Thoughts on Being a Writer with Lee Duigon
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz, Lee Duigon
Topics:Biblical Law, Culture , Education, Family & Marriage, Fiction, Media / Arts, Theology
Faith & Wellness with Dr. Rhett Bergeron
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz, Rhett Bergeron, M.D.
Topics:Biblical Law, Culture , Government, Medicine / Healthcare, Philosophy, Statism, Theology
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz, Judy Rogers
Topics:Church, The, Culture , Dominion, Family & Marriage, Media / Arts, Theology
Dominion Through Documentary Filmmaking
Authors:Joaquin Fernandez, Andrea G. Schwartz
Topics:Christian Reconstruction, Church, The, Culture , Dominion, Education, Media / Arts, Medicine / Healthcare