Power Grabs in Church and State
May/June 2017

The Magna Carta of Christian Liberty

By Mark R. Rushdoony

The Beatitudes are blessings on those who serve the Kingdom of Heaven. They are the blessed of God by the decree of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is thus truly the Magna Carta of our liberty, one no political power on earth can ever threaten.

Power Grabs in Church and State

By Martin G. Selbrede

The inner drive, for seizing sovereignty from a transcendent God and relocating it to this world takes two fundamental forms: individuals appropriating sovereignty and the state’s claim to sovereignty.

Chalcedon and the Economic Future of the West

By Ian Hodge

The Chalcedon Foundation has played an important part in the redevelopment of a Christian world and life view: a view of life that is governed in all its aspects by Christian faith and belief in the Bible as the sourcebook on how to live.

He Whose Right It Is

By Andrea G. Schwartz

It is not surprising that those openly at war with Christ disregard His title and office as Shiloh (He whose right it is). However, it is alarming that so many professing believers live their lives denying the crown rights of Jesus Christ.

By R. J. Rushdoony

God thus promised to bless Israel with success in any war conducted in terms of His law or at His command.

By Lee Duigon

A simple truth, but one that needs saying: Without the Bible, without God’s Word, we will not find our way to Jesus Christ.

By Lee Duigon

Risen is an old-fashioned “Bible movie” along the lines of The Robe or Ben-Hur—only it goes a bit farther than they did. Quite a bit farther; and it does a very good job of taking us along with it.

By Chalcedon Editorial

There is the work of reconstruction that we all must do, and then there is the word of reconstruction that must be proclaimed which is a work for Chalcedon to do.